My ibanez makes some pretty rad sounds…. @frankiedrain91

Anonymous asked: Fine maybe you dont hate me. You definitely dont like me though.

This isn’t a hand of cluedo. I cba to guess who you might be so either tell me who you are or I’m off (y)

Anonymous asked: I wish you didnt hate me

I don’t hate anyone but my parents anon, so I’m sorry if you think I hate you

Pop up yo.

Pop up yo.

What is a happiness?
And where can I buy one?

Anonymous asked: I smiled to

Stop it

I have another chance at getting back into work. Got an interview Friday in a pub in purbrook as a chef, think I’ve got a decent chance. Won’t be as hectic as my previous jobs and may be perfect to get me back on my feet. Gonna be a commute to get to work but I can live with that. Everyone fingers crossed for me!

Anonymous asked: I guess it worked? You smiled

Yeah for a second or two

Anonymous asked: Don't think of the fact it's lost or what you did, think about what you love and why you loved, just think of there smile and maybe you'll smile too